Hello World!

Bitcoiners, Precoiners and Nocoiners,

At 21M, our mission is to spread awareness about Bitcoin and the potential that sound money has to help the world.  

2020 has been an unprecedented time for all of us - between the lockdowns and restrictions, to watching Bitcoin once again breach its all-time high and claim its position as the world’s most dominant asset. 

The M1 money supply has grown at a rate of 64.5% in 2020, and over 35% of all existing dollars have been printed in the last 10 months. It’s more important now than ever for people to protect themselves against the dangers of fiat inflation. Governments around the world try to solve every issue with freshly printed money, which enriches insiders while keeping a boot on the throat of everyone further from the money spigot. 

Inflation has been slowly eating at the wealth of our middle and lower classes throughout the world. It’s not talked about in our education systems, and it’s often dismissed as being an essential component of a healthy functioning economy.

Asset price inflation has grown rampant, while governments force local small businesses to shut down and people are restricted from moving around their own communities. Bitcoin is what the world needs right now, and we at 21M are determined to see the Bitcoin vision through. 

I’ve consistently found that the best way to spread information about Bitcoin is through sporting apparel. For the past few years, half of my wardrobe has consisted of Bitcoin gear, and it has led to countless conversations with everyone from hardcore Bitcoiners to Precoiners with no prior knowledge of Bitcoin. 21M has decided to start with apparel to spread knowledge and awareness about Bitcoin.

21M will have a phased rollout. First, we will focus on sharing industry news and information. Second, we’ll be educating people about how to participate in the Bitcoin network by doing things from running a node to engaging with their local circular economy. Lastly, we’ll be working with companies and organizations to implement Bitcoin into their daily processes. Companies in the future will need to be educated enough to successfully pivot to the new, global currency. They’ll need to accept bitcoin as payment, securely hold it as a treasury reserve asset on their balance sheet, and adjust their strategies to account for the future Bitcoin economy. The sooner businesses around the world realize the cost saving elements of Bitcoin - from preventing chargebacks, to maintaining higher purchasing power - the faster Bitcoin will permeate throughout the global economy and into our daily lives. 21M is both prepared and impassioned to help the world transition to this better, more inclusive financial future. 

One of my favorite notions to come out of the Bitcoin community is Bitcoin gives you the capability to both “do well and do good.” By Hodling, you’re not only growing your future wealth, but you are also increasing the scarcity of Bitcoin and helping others become wealthier in the process. 

We’re looking forward to working with our customers to grow the Bitcoin network and its influence throughout the world. By word of mouth, growth and development of the technology, and working with companies to make the Bitcoin Standard a reality, we see a light at the end of the tunnel for billions of people throughout the globe. Bitcoin is giving us hope in an uncertain world. For this and many other reasons, we really look forward to growing this movement together.

Let’s do well and do good,
John Miles
Owner and Founder @ 21M