Must-Have Apps



- Strike is working to turn the old, outdated financial system into the system of the future. They allow you to buy and sell bitcoin with zero fees. You can also make bitcoin payments with a fiat balance, allowing you to interact with the Bitcoin economy without needing to sell your own bitcoin. -


- The Fold App offers bitcoin back when purchasing gift cards and using the company's optional debit card. They have a large selection of merchants and give you the ability to earn bitcoin on your everyday purchases. -

Wallet of Satoshi

- Wallet of Satoshi is a great "checking account" bitcoin wallet for everyday use. It allows you to receive and send both on-chain and lighting network transactions using the same balance. The wallet also offers a way to back up your funds by creating an account. -


- Think of Casa as your safe-deposit box, or "bitcoin vault." Casa offers a service called "multi-sig backup" which is next-level security for your bitcoin. Your phone, a hardware wallet and Casa serve as three different keys, two of which need to be used to sign a transaction to send your bitcoin. They also offer 3 of 5 multi-sig, and Estate Planning to secure your bitcoin for your family. -